Friday, December 14, 2012

ROund Here

I've been

Having: a hard time making time to blog but am squeezing in project life catch up.

Fizzling: out on this whole holiday thing... I always do this.... start strong and all excited and pumped up and then I just sort of woh-woh-wohhhhh, as we get closer to the 25th. Not sure why. Hottie thinks it's because my Clark Griswold-like expectations can't possibly be met. Hm. Maybe. But I'm trying to pep back up.

Thinking: Hottie is a super nerd for driving over an hour to see the midnight premiere of Hobbit on IMAX... but I'm also seriously jealous he got to go (nerrrrrding!) & secretly wish he was the type of guy who would dress up for these things.. cuz that would be hilarious.

Wondering: how the heck I'm gonna handle all four kiddos home all day long for two whole weeks while Hottie is putting in some serious holiday hours at work. Help me, baby Jesus.

Drinking: coffee. I've discovered the joy of making flavored coffee/creamer concoctions at home and between that and the red cup fascination (marketing!) apparently I drink coffee now. (Mind you, it's practically not even coffee by the time I get done doctoring it... it's hardly even brown anymore.)

Working: on my fitness. Not hitting the gym as much as I would like (rotten kids need so much of my time!) but, I'm signed up and I go when I can... 

Watching: Pitch Perfect, over and over and over and over... and way too much bad tv- think Real Houswives anything (these chicks are a train wreck!) and Teen Mom etc. etc. (Uh... did you know there is actually a show called Double Divas, and it's about finding accurate bra sizes?!-- yeah, I'm not watching that-- but never say never.)

Submitting: my fool head off! I've been a busy little Elf in my scrap studio/office/room (trying to find a fancy name to call it so I feel cool when I say it....WOW. nerding out again.) I'll show you what I've been up to soon.

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