Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

I got my wish. As we speak it is SNOWING! Oh man. I didn't know how excited and emotional and happy this would make me. I feel like my inner child is screaming from the rooftops, "IT'S SNOWING, LETS PLAY!" Of course not even 5 minutes after being out in the fluffy stuff I was show-boatin' and slipped and almost busted my ankle. Rookie. Luckily I wasn't holding the baby.....

Growing up in Montana snow was no biggie. We always got a ton and I never really remember it even causing "snow days" from school. Seeing this snow has brought back a flurry (pun intended) of memories. My sisters and I sledding for hours on end. Walking to school gingerly on top of ice-covered snow and falling through parts up to my hips... tiny snowballs clinging to my tights... no need for pants when you are accustomed to the cold, I guess. I remember building snow tunnels and igloos on the playground. Catching snowflakes on my tongue.... sticking my tongue to a handrail a la Christmas Story. ouch. So many happy memories related to snow..... no wonder all of those years living in California (almost 10) it never really felt like Christmas time. I found the missing ingredient. SNOW!

It's so cool to share this first time with my kids. They've been to the snow before, but never walked right out of their front door all bundled up to find it snowing. They are pretty excited.

It probably sounds funny to those of you across the country who are used to this... to see photos of my kids trying to gather enough to make tiny snowballs, making snow angles in the street (California kids are so clueless! haha)... but for us this is a real first, and even if we do only get about two inches I'm going to sit in my house with hot cocoa in my hands and watch every single flake fall... and remember the good times... and pray for more.... and sledding! I'll cross my fingers for enough snow this season to take my kids sledding! ....

PS-these photos were taken first thing this morning before much snow had fallen. Now there might actually be enough to make a real snow angel!

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