Sunday, December 30, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

My sister and niece have been visiting since the 27th and I've been SO happy! We've been having as much fun as possible.

The other night Hottie watched all the kiddos so that we could enjoy a dinner/movie date (I felt like the luckiest girl on planet Earth). We walked out of the theater to finding it SNOWING!.... So... we did the only thing that any self respecting Californians would do... We made a stranger take a picture of us... right there in the parking lot.

 We were squealing with delight like little school girls....

... and took some more pictures. :)
It hasn't "snowed on us" since she we were about 12 and 8 yrs. old.
The memories of our childhood in Montana came flooding back.
It was magical.

 The next morning we woke up to this....

and went sledding as soon as we possibly could...

So far we've bowled, watched movies, played board games, sledded, and have plans to visit the horse park. Fun times, indeed. But really, even if we are just sitting around Instagramming and watching tv and playing ping-pong (horribly), I'll consider it the time of my life. Because I am SO happy they are here!

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