Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Getting my spirits back up after being in the dumps all day yesterday. I took my sister and niece to the airport and was SO SAD that they had to leave. I didn't know I would be quite that sad! Wow do I miss having family close by.....

we had a great time during their visit though, so like Hottie says, I should focus on that.... he even said, "why don't you project life all the memories you guys made together, that will cheer you up." I kind of love that he thought about that.....

Here's my layout for 2013 goals/resolutions.

This year my goals are very specific and personal (& I wrote them on the journal card after I photographed the layout).... but really everything has to do with balance. If I were doing Ali Edwards' one little word project (which I still might, haven't decided) I would certainly pick "balance."... I struggle with this from year to year, so I really want to focus on getting a handle on that now...

Last year was the first time I did one of these and I actually found it served as a great reminder for me. I started with just five basic concepts since they were my first ever resolutions of any kind. ..... and I failed epically at one of them (so hard to get date nights in.)... but I only mildly failed at keeping the rest..... so there's that. :)

Isn't it crazy what a difference a year can make?! When I made the above layout at the end of 2011 I had NO idea what was in store for our family. A new baby. A move across country. Becoming a stay at home Mom. All of those things were just twinkles in my eye.... things I really wanted to happen at some point... someday. Now it's my reality. So strange. I wonder what kind of twinkles I can make happen this year.............. I'm gonna start with trying to make my butt smaller ;)

(ps- the whole "tunnel wishes" thing needs an explanation... I'll do that at some point. Suffice it to say I am a total weirdo with some strange superstitions.)

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