Saturday, January 26, 2013

Until We Meet Again

I've really been missing our Disney days lately. Maybe it's because this is the time of year when we would typically go weekly... or maybe it's the constant reminder of Minnie and friends (Evareaux is still obsessed)... maybe it's my deep desire to have a big vacation on the horizon (fat chance, lady)... whatever it is, I miss this place......... so it was time to dedicate another layout to Disneyland.

...probably seems silly to have a project about this. But I love the idea that as someone flips through my scrapbooks they can get to know me... even on layouts that aren't "me" focused.

And I am truly grateful for the amount of time we were able to spend in this magical place. I heard someone say recently that adults who are overly fascinated and captivated by Disneyland were a bit pathetic and had a need to recapture part of their youth. I don't know about the pathetic part.. but I would say that for me the Happiest Place on Earth is somewhere that I spent so many happy years of my life visiting, because of this I will forever hold it dear. I saw it through my children's eyes. Instead of focusing on long lines and overpriced food I honed in on the attention to detail, the art, the pageantry, the fun around every corner..... besides, I don't see anything wrong with recapturing one's youth from time to time.... it keeps us young at heart.

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