Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bad Times and Extreme Hair Cuts

My kids came down with the flu... or what I'm assuming was the flu... (I was reminded by the doc that they were never diagnosed... guess I just came to that conclusion based on the fact that they were throwing up all over the place and crying and coughing and. well. it was coming out of everywhere. but. maybe the doc is right. maybe it wasn't the "flu.") I got sick too. It was no picnic. (It is impossibly difficult to take care of two kids plus a 3 month old when you are that ill.) Luckily the kids are bouncing back well after a couple of rough nights and the baby has managed to avoid more than a cough (knock on wood, it would break my heart if he got this.) My biggest challenge has been keeping the house decontaminated and keeping the kids out of the babies face. No small feat, let me tell you. They are constantly up in his grill.

So today I spent all day cleaning and trying to ignore my aching bones and queasy tummy. There is something about the flu that makes me want to scrub every square inch of our house at the first sign that it might be over. Hopefully all will be well by the weekend. We were planning on going somewhere fun with the kids. Now I'm just thinking staying here and holding down dinner sounds more realistic.

And because I can't just tell you all about our illness and then go on my not-so-merry way I will show you this.... A layout I made with before and afters from Nakiah's haircut...
 Pretty extreme, right?

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  1. I feel the same way about Fox's hair! It's all gone and I just want it grow back fast :)

    Hope everyone is doing better!