Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Forever Changed

I want you to take a moment and go visit this blog post by Emilie from Pluckymomo. Now tell me that you aren't inspired, I dare you......

Getting in the picture with my kids has been on my mind for several months now. Not too long ago my sister sent me an article discussing this topic. It basically said that it's important to get in the photo... that your kids won't look back and see that your hair wasn't done, or that you hadn't put on any makeup, or that you could stand to lose a few pounds. They will cherish the photos because you are in them. The Mom they know and love. This made perfect sense to me.... so I told myself to make an effort. That I am part of my families story, the one that I'm so intent on capturing.

Then vanity sunk in. Sometimes I would think about handing the camera to Hottie and then quickly brush off the idea.... my hair wasn't washed, I felt fat, I had just been spit up on. again. When I looked back at the photos I took over Christmas there were something like 300+ that I snapped. 3 had me in them. THREE! And for those three I begrudgingly gave him the camera because having a photo of me with Dezi on his first Christmas came to mind... even then I remember thinking... "but I shouldn't because I'm still in pjs, and I wish I were skinnier.... and I look really tired."

That. Is. Bananas.

Then a few days ago I stumbled across the Pluckymomo blog post because someone I follow on Instagram posted a photo of herself with her kiddos with the hashtag #aleidaschallenge. I read the blog and began sobbing. The story hit so close to home. The reason I take zillions of photos of my family, friends, every day things, is to capture the moment. the memories. the feelings. and most importantly connections in our lives. To have something to look back on wether it be a week from now or 10 years.... to remember our lives together.

When it comes to my family I am all in on this concept. I see the kids interacting and I reach for the camera with lightening speed.... or the way Hottie is looking at our new edition and I think, oh how sweet, I have to get a photo of that. How can I just leave myself out of the equation? This woman knew  the importance of including herself. She knew deep down that her children would cherish these photos of her interacting with them... and she inspired, and continues to inspire, many Mother's to do the same thing.

Thanks to Aleida's challenge I walked away from my computer and took some of my favorite all time photos with my two kids who were home.....

I am making it my personal goal to take at least one photo with my kids each week. Regardless of how I feel about myself, or how I look, or how much spit up is covering my shirt (seriously. how much spit up can one baby produce?).... because although it is nice for them to read how much I love them on a layout, or my thoughts in project life..... now they can see it. proof. That's my Mom.... the way I remember her.

I am forever changed......... won't you join me? Use the hash tag #aleidaschallenge on Instagram.

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