Saturday, July 21, 2012

That's What He Said

Hottie has been saying the funniest things lately & I just wanted to write a quick post about it so I don't forget.

He says stuff like: "I thought of a great name for the baby........ Ready for it? Bro. Spelled BREAUX." Of course he was kidding. I almost died laughing.

And when I said I really want a pet he responded with, "you'll get one soon, it's gonna be a baby."

Then after a long day at work he came home to find me painting & I asking for help. I said it might actually be fun if we do it together. His answer: "it's only fun in the movies.... When they throw paint at each other and make a big mess. I'll help, but don't get excited because it won't be any fun."

Now, maybe you have to know my husband to see the humor. You'd have to know that he really never says a mean thing or tries to be hurtful. Sometimes he just tells it like it is & it makes me giggle, cuz it's true. & then other times he just comes up with pure gold.... Like Breaux. Then I picture us naming our newest boy "Guy Dude Bro." Hahahahaha. Don't tempt me, I love a good laugh.

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