Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Virginia

We had a whirlwind weekend. Hottie's brother and his family are moving to Virginia at the end of the summer. They were out this weekend looking for a place to live. With them being just 6-7 hours away we figured why not hop in the car and say hello. ROAD TRIP! It was our first time visiting West Virginia and Virginia. I just love checking new states of my list. Isn't that the best?

Evareaux and all of her travel companions...

We piled in on Saturday afternoon and went for it. I have to say, considering that we have a wee one the spontaneous trip could not have gone much better. It was a little over 6 hours of driving and the kids were both great sports.

After a quick pit stop for dinner little Miss Muffet passed out (always helpful).
 He was bored but didn't complain much (thank goodness).
 He didn't complain either, even though he had been up since 4 am for work. I think he was just happy to have the chance to see his little bro and try to help with the transition.

 The drive from Lexington to Virginia is beautiful. It can't be beat.

 First thing the next morning we linked up with family. The kids got to spend some time with their newest cousin, Cambry. They both loved playing with her. It was so great to snuggle her and hear her high pitched squeals of delight. We look forward to seeing the rest of the kids next time.
 Isn't she a doll?

 This is an Instagram from one of the areas around where they will live. I just love when the trees grow so tall that they form a sort of canopy above the road. So pretty.

Sadly, Hottie had to get back for work so our trip was short and sweet. But I am so glad we went. I think they will be happy in their new city. And, it's nice to know that we will have family close enough to visit come September. 

After 14 hours in the car in just over 2 days it was nice to be home again.

Ev promptly did this....

and I just looked on in jealously.

Spontaneous road trip success. Hm. Maybe planning a little family getaway is do-able this summer. Where to go, where to go. Being so new to the east coast we certainly have some more exploring to do.

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