Monday, July 23, 2012

Rockets & Robots Nursery Blast Off

All systems go on the rockets and robots nursery. Have I explained how much I love this theme? The challenge of finding things to fit into it has forced me to be creative and make a lot of my own accents. Fun. Fun. I love excuses to be crafty. There is a LONG way to go (and lots of money that needs to be spent. man, babies are money pits!) but I'm exited to show you whats in the works....

Made this robot dude out of felt. I have plans to make two more.
Kinda in love with the heart and eyebrows.

 Painted this on canvas. The saying fits my theme perfectly.
By doing it myself I was able to keep to the color scheme I wanted as well.

 Also painted some robot love on an October Afternoon Rocket Age patterned paper to frame for the wall. I love this line. It will appear a lot in this room, I think. It was an integral part of my brainstorming for the look of the nursery. 

 The first step of the rocket mural, sketched out on the wall. It's hard to see because it's just pencil on what was a pink wall. (No, we were not premature was like that when we bought the house)

 Ah, now you can see it better. Some colorful paint makes it's appearance. Finally. Chomping at the bit to finish it already. But I can't seem to stop starting other projects.

I ordered these prints on etsy and bought simple silver 11x14 frames for them. (50% off. Cuz I wait for the bargains, ya'll!) I am super excited about these gems.

Guess in order to see them on the wall I would need to paint the rest of the room.... and buy the dresser that they will hang above for placement..... and that will need to be painted too..... and I need to build that rocket bookshelf.... and figure out some curtains... and wow. I have a lot to do. Well, it's a good thing I got started then, isn't it? Let the countdown to a finished nursery begin.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog after doing some research on google. I was looking for a Lyz Gardner who worked for a company offering some scrapbooking software to try and another one to be given away. After finding your blog I thought you could be the one since you talk about scrapbooking here. But I am not sure after finding this other blog and reading the entry .It talks about some guy saying he was Liz Gardner.
    So, my question....are you the one who sent me the email and works for the scrapbooking company selling the scrapbooking software "My Memories" or not????
    Sorry for taking your time.