Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Washi Wednesday

Last week I decided it was high time to give my cheesy baby journal a little make over. The chances of me filling it out are waaay higher if it looks cute and is not embarrassing to pull out in public. Washi totally did the trick. 

It went from this...

 To this...
in less than 30 min. Just 7 rolls, a stamp that counts to 9 (how perfect) and done-zo! I even made a little pen holder because I hate having to hunt down certain writing tools when I am ready to journal, it make me lose my mojo. 

Here's the back...

Amazing what a little tape can do. And it inspired me. Since the makeover I have gone from filling out 10 pages to having almost 10 left! Not too shabby! 

Since this did nothing but fuel my obsession. Here are some new rolls I got in the mail the other day...


  1. Cuuuute! What a fun idea! I should try it :)

  2. Great idea! You've inspired me to use some to make a little notebook/journal for my boss!