Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Washi Wednesday

Did you think I forgot about washi Wednesday? Neeeeeever! I organized my tapes especially for this post....

Isn't it a beautiful sight? I think so. I even bought more today. :) (Birthday month, duh!) One problem: I keep outgrowing my containers. But I'm ok with that.

As I wrote about before, I'm not the only one enamored with these tapes... miss Evareaux plays with them any chance she gets (which isn't that often because I'm a mean Mommy who says, "get out of my office!" every time she crosses the threshold.) Hands off kid.

Ok. Ok. So sometimes she gets away with it...
and inspires me to do a layout like this....
(I guess I am just not getting enough of posting photos of my kid sans pants. Rest assured, she is wearing diapers in these.) Journaling says: So funny to see her captivated by the tapes. Stacking & re-stacking them for hours. It seems even a 2 year old loves her washi.

Making this page is just one great excuse to use TONs of different tapes and mix and match to my hearts content. I also signed up to partake in the Washi Workshop through Studio Calico. I think I'm supposed to be on lesson 3 right now. Oops. But that's what I love about self-paced classes. Whenever I find the time (after training) I'll catch up lickety split.

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  1. What a fun layout, great use of your washi!! LOVE the fun photos, too!