Friday, June 15, 2012

Boy oh Boy

I've got baby on the brain and, coincidentally, baby brain. You know that part during pregnancy when you are scrubbing everything in sight while simultaneously making a mental note of all of the things you still need to do and buy before the little bundle arrives? And since multitasking seems to be taken to a whole new level you are also switching from happy to sad to elated to tired to nauseous to self doubt to total and utter contentment.... then promptly forgetting what I was you needed to buy... and craving ice cream. and tuna fish. Yuck, I know.

He says, "hi, still a boy in here...thanks for asking."

Even the fact that I've been there, done that, with this whole being knocked up stuff doesn't seem help any. Hormones have taken over, and every pregnancy is different anyway.  I am completely out of control of what is happening. So strange that this time around I have a SERIOUS aversion to meat (I think this kid is a pescatarian).... can't stand reading any pregnancy books(they give me bad dreams).... or watch any delivery shows on TLC(They make me so anxious! I soaked it up like a sponge before!)... and am already having Braxton hicks.  This is all so new to me. 

But there is good news. I know I'm having a boy. So I can focus all of my nervous energy and sleepless nights (Thank you nausea, for being the one consistent thing in all three pregnancies. Luck be a lady.) towards prepping for him. 

Scrapbook layouts are a great place to start...
 (The one and only time that I will post my child's junk online. Sorry, whatever your name is in there... but who can really tell what we're looking at anyway? I just take their word for it.)

Now on to tackle some of the more practical things I should be doing before he gets here... oh shoot, what were those again? Maybe I'll just get some ice cream. mmmmmmmm. sprinkles.

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