Monday, June 4, 2012

Must Scrap Immediately

Before leaving California it was important to me to sneak a quick photo shoot in with the kiddos. Each Spring I take them to a small field down the street that blooms bright and beautiful. Today I finally took the time to look at the results....

My conclusion: Must. Scrap. Immediately.

Do I wish there was a good one of all three of them together? Yes. Do I wish they were looking at the camera more and smiling without shadowed faces? You bet. (I clearly need to work with Nikki more.) But I still think they are so lovely.... and I don't even think of the way that Ev was throwing a big fit and crying that she wanted to go see Grandpa...or that Nakiah refused to smile for a shot until I told him he wouldn't get any dessert.... well, I almost don't remember those things. :) Because you can't really tell anyway.

And when I scrap them I will surely include how Aidan pulled this off by coaxing his siblings into being silly and loosening up a bit because he understood how important it was to me. (YAY for that!) Some things just have to be scrapped.... and blown up really big to put on the wall. :) More on my decor soon.

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