Saturday, June 9, 2012

Countdown to Thirty

It's my birthday month ya'll! It's just a mere 18 days away. Woohoo! (Yes, I am counting down.) This is a BIG birthday. One that, in my humble opinion, requires a whole month of celebrating. The big 3-0. Strange, but the closer it gets the more excited I am to turn 30. Even though it is not quite what I envisioned (I was thinking more along the lines of a Vegas bash with family and friends. Not me almost 7 months pregnant and thousands of miles away.) But hey, I am still excited. I just want to celebrate, and be celebrated. I love birthdays and for some odd reason turning 30 in no way freaks me out. I am just excited to see what my 30's will bring.

That's it. :) Just  selfish little birthday plug....mostly to remind my Hottie to celebrate. (Do you need a list? Cuz for 30 I think I would like some gifts.) :) Oh by the way, thanks for reading my blog babe. You're the best.

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