Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Accidents Happen

We've been talking a lot about accidents in our house lately. Mostly as it pertains to the potty. But I realized something. Accidents aren't always a bad thing. The other day as I attempted to make some special Father's Day layouts I ended up printing out photos twice the size I normally would. Since I am super cheap the very first thing I thought was, "dang it, look how much ink I just wasted!" Then I decided why not give this bigger size a try? Scrap outside of my comfort zone.

Here are the results....

I have to admit this was a happy accident. These pages are so different from my norm and will really stand out in the album. For both I used the Studio Calico SoCal kit. They came together in about 30 minutes. Gotta love that.

And on the accident tip.... I attempted to add a couple of features to my blog last night and some of the fonts changed randomly. Sadly I can not get it back and my prego brain/patience does not allow the fortitude to set it right. Oh well. Hope you don't hate the changes as much as I do. Maybe one day I will get some actual help with making this little 'ol blog look like I want it.

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