Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Potty Time not to be confused with Party Time

I find the title "potty training" to be so fitting. I am getting just as much training as she is. I fully admit I have no idea what I'm doing. I am in way over my head. The first day we had 6 or 7 accidents...and then I accidentally ended up in tears more times than I care to reveal (of course I did this without Ev seeing. stupid hormones make me crazy). But. (Prepare yourself for TMI). We had successes too. Two poops and 4 pees in the potty. Finally towards the end of the day I felt like I might actually have this figured out.

Even though I find it SO difficult to focus on the good and plow forward in this situation. Even though I have serious doubt that I can even pull off potty training while Hottie is at work 14 hours a day. Even though I know in my heart of hearts that this is the one thing I suck at the most as a parent. I am doing it. No turning back. (Trust me, I thought numerous times yesterday about throwing in the diaper.)

Day two has gone a lot better. We have only had one half accident (she caught herself and held it to make it to the potty). But there is a looooong way to go. I can't help but think, how do parents do this? Are they just more patient? More focused? More on top of things? Well, luckily for me I don't really have time to sit and stew about what other parents are doing differently or better. Because I am in the middle of being trained..... I mean training her.... and that means I don't even really have time to be writing this blog. :)

Wish me luck and more peepeee in the potty, PLEASE! And how fitting is this shirt my daughter picked out today?...
Keep calm and train on. I will try, baby, I will sure keep trying.

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