Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Me Series: Sept and Oct

Somehow in the chaos and stress and excitement that was September I managed to squeeze in a Me Series layout. The idea of leaving it out just didn't sit right with me. (If you want to read about this series or why I'm doing it you can read about it here) I waited for September and our move for the longest time and I wanted to capture my feelings about that just like all of the other months of the year.

Here is September (made on the last day of the month)...

Last week I went ahead & completed my October page as well. October has been a really up and down month for me. I'm super happy and excited to be in our new home and there are a lot of other things to be happy about in life right now... but I'm just still not myself. I'm getting there.. but it's a long, slow process.. and sometimes that's hard to realize. I just need my heart to catch up with my brain, or my brain with my heart.. whatever it is... The good news is I'm working on it, so hopefully I will start to feel a more consistent normalcy soon. Until then I am counting up all of my blessings and small victories and taking things day by day.

Oh, and I went all pink (technically "magenta" and "wild orchid") so that makes me smile...

(BTW: It's Ah-may-ZING what a hair stylist, plus great lighting, plus perfect filters can accomplish. I swear I do not look like this in person, people! But I can pretend.. and make it my fb profile.) ;)

Here's October...

Looking at this page now I see there is a LOT going on. Too much. Oh well. I found this watercolor paper done by Evareaux and that was the base for it all so I still kinda like how it turned out.

So that's me. :) If you want to see my other pages from this series click your little hearts out:

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  1. great hair! and lovely layouts too, love your painted background!

  2. I am so impressed by these layouts and for the credit you are giving yourself - you are an awesome and amazing, strong person!! I am pleased to see these layouts because it gives me an idea to try something like this for myself!! Thanks for the inspiration - and your hair (OMG) you look GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. Wowza!! You have a lot of courage!! Your hair looks fantastically cool!!!
    Always a fan of your "monthly me" layouts... these are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!