Thursday, October 2, 2014

Paper Camellia Everyday Life October Kit: Part Two

Hello again everyone! I'm very excited today! Lot's of exclamation points! We are getting closer to being done unpacking! I passed my annual roller derby skills evaluation with ease! Finally got my Ohio license! Boom! Things are happening! Lists are being checked off! I might be a little loopy from how tired I am! :)

Here's the rest of my Paper Camellia work for this month. Dude, you guys, this gold piece is the bomb dot com. The photos don't really do it justice, but in person it super GOLD & shiny & oh so awesome. I knew I had to make it the center piece of a layout the second I saw it. I covered it with one of the fun photo overlays...

I can't wait to scrapbook in my new space! It's going to be AWESOME! But first, some sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - this page is what is sparkly and sweet!! Love what you have accomplished with this layout!! Awesomely awesome!!