Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Halloween

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.. it rings in my head on the 31st every year... alternating with come little children I'll show you the way....

It's Halloween! Our kids were lucky enough to Trick or Treat last night (because HS football makes the rules here apparently). They did awesome. They procured copious amounts of candy and ran around the neighborhood with the best of them. I'll show you some pics later. 

The cool thing about trick or treating being a day early is that this slacker Mom had time to put together a last minute tradition... our family Halloween party. It feels kinda weird to be carving pumpkins tonight when the event we'd carve them for has sorta already happened... but hey, technically it's Halloween so who cares? 

We're gonna eat mummy dogs, doritos, caramel apple jones soda, and woof down my world famous caramel apple dip (you should be jealous, it's SO good) all while watching Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas. Then we'll put the kids to bed and I'll claw into Hottie's arm while we watch the latest American Horror Story episode and scary movies (through my fingers or the nearest blanket) until we pass out. Yay, Halloween!

Here's two more layouts...

Hope you all have a scary good Halloween! ;)

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