Thursday, April 10, 2014


Many thanks to those of you that commented and read my last post. I feel the

I feel this way about creating...

and I feel the same way about blogging… I will do it for as long as I enjoy doing it, and I will blog more freely and with less constraints on myself from now on. Woot! (bring on the dance videos) It feels good to know that people actually do care and like my content. YAY!

..and to share something totally random that you might find silly or you might totally get ... I had a TOTAL fangirl freakout moment the other day… so much so that I took a screenshot to commemorate it. (and prove it really happened) One of my gallery layouts on Two Peas was pinned by Maggie Holmes!

I may or may not have squealed when I saw that! She is my scrappy HERO! Seriously, I want to be her when I grow up… ok. maybe not so creepy sounding… uh, I really, really admire her work and her style and her. So you can imagine my delight when I'm just scrolling around on my Pinterest feed and I'm like, "oh! thats the layout I just posted! OH HOLY FREAKING COW MAGGIE HOLMES PINNED IT!" haha. random. but that totally happened. 


  1. Dude. I would totally freak out too. Totally get you, girl. Those layouts are super cute too, btw. :)

  2. Keep on blogging! How else will I get internet exposure?