Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Hunting

Happy Easter weekend ya'll! Holy cow, is anyone as overwhelmed as I am? SO much left to do before the guy w/ the ears hops on down the bunny trail. Time to crack the whip on that to do list! One thing I did manage to complete were a couple of Easter pages to share. (Isn't it funny how there is magically "time" to do the fun stuff but not so much the nitty gritty ones?)

Here are a couple of layouts featuring photos from our community hunt last weekend...

Love the grey cardstock background, a departure from my typical white… and who needs bunny ears and little chicks? (I mean, they ARE super cute, I just didn't have any on hand.) You can still give a page an Easter feel by using patterned paper to weave a design reminiscent of a basket. So Easter-y!

For this one I started with the two cute photos and had fun layering elements around them.

So. Hoppy Easter. Time for this girl to put her bunny ears on and start stuffing some baskets.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these layouts! Especially the paper weaving on the first one! You're a girl after my own heart :)