Friday, April 11, 2014

Holy Crate Paper, Batman

I have been diving head first into my Crate Paper stash lately, and am loving every second of it. In fact, I currently have no less than 3 layouts on my desk in progress with a mixture of Crate lines. Can't get enough! My recent favs are the Maggie Holmes Style Board and Boys Rule collections. 

Crate explosion….


  1. Thank you for visiting Elizabeth! I am with you, the whole blog managing bit is a learning curve. On mine, responding to a commenter can happen two ways: I can click the Reply button under the comment, type it in and it appears under the respective comment and -I assume -the commenter gets an email.... OR, click on the commenter's name and it takes you to their blog, which is what I just did. (If they have no blog I think they just get an email? I am actually going to try and test that.)
    But I think in my case that is a bit complicated when I leave comments because I always use my gmail address which is tied to my google account, which is NOT where I blog. I use a different platform.
    Are you dizzy yet?:-)
    Also, I disabled the comment verification bc I really do not get enough comments to have any spam yet. I find that the word verification is really discouraging me to comment...

    1. Thanks Beatrice! Totally helpful! Maybe I'll figure it out one of these days. :)