Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easters Gone By

Whenever a holiday rolls around I find myself having the desire to look back at photos from years past at this time. It ends up being a fun activity to see the differences in the kids, our surroundings, and a reminder that I really should take these holiday opportunities for more group photos. Turns out this will be the 5th Easter in a row we've spent in a different house. (well, one rental we were there for 2 Easters, but still.) Crazy right?

Here are some fun snapshots from over the years… 





love this one... typical group kid shot… boys w no shirts, eyes closed, some not so happy faces. the best.

One thing I really noticed when looking back is how many Easters we have spent surrounded by family. We've made so many fun memories together. In the year of the photo above we filled water balloons to ambush the kids. Afterwards we treated them to an ice cream bar that they had to enjoy with no hands.

We've attended egg hunts, filled up on brunch and mimosas all day long, planned games and activities for the kids. Even last year during our first Easter away from any family my Mom came out for a visit. So this is officially our first Easter alone as the 6 of us. In a big way I am dreading it. I miss family. I miss all of the cousins being together and getting messy with egg die and eating too much chocolate (although we will probably have the latter two handled). I miss cooking a lot of food and looking around a room filled with family.

That being said I'm glad to have had the time together that we did… and just because we won't be hunting together this year doesn't mean that we won't again in the future. Until then I'll look at these photos with fondness, and eat my own weight in deviled eggs and ham, because who else is going to eat all of these eggs?

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