Tuesday, April 22, 2014

American Crafts Blog Assignment

It's Sports Week on the American Crafts Blog! I was tasked with making 2 layouts. I think we allll know what sport popped into my head. Would you believe this is my first roller derby layout?

Photos of me actually playing are a must, stat… especially since I am on the cusp of being 100% again (finally). For now all I really have are photos of my skate-clad feet, which it turns out make a great background for a title….

And then there was that one time I ran a marathon in torrential downpour (my first ever race, cuz I'm a lunatic)… at first I felt a bit of guilt for not documenting my kids sports prowess-es instead but then I thought, hey, I do cool stuff too! (arguably cooler, sorry kids.) Scrap it right now (said like stop it right now, cuz I like to yell that at myself in silly voices and look around and see if anyone else gets it.. no one does.). hehe. haha. ahhhhhh. here's the page…

What's your favorite Sporty Scrap? (See what I did there? Sporty "Scrap", Sporty Spice… Spice up your life… SPICE GIRLS… anyone? no? ok, me either. I'm weird today. That is all!)


  1. How did I miss these? They are fabulous layouts!!!... and you're pretty funny too ;)

  2. OMG I love the Roller Derby page, the different coloured sections with twine and embellies is too cool. You are awesome. Pinned it! x