Saturday, September 14, 2013


I still love a good chevron pattern, but I feel like trend has been around for awhile. That doesn't mean things need to get stale. Time to mix it up with my own take....

For this I used the Valley High Studio Calico kit (which takes some of the hard work out because all of the patterned papers are already co-ordinated to compliment each other) to create my own chevron-ish pattern....

As you can see I cut strips of paper 3 inches long, and all the same width. Then I laid them in a sort of "v" shape and added and added until I got enough for a background. Easy peazy, lemon squeezey. So it doesn't scream, CHEVRON!, but you kinda see it... right? I mean, unless I am totally off my rocker here. (totally possible).

I should also mention that I love these photos of them....

We were out for a picnic at Keenland on a random spring day, watching the airplanes fly in. It was a pretty simple and sweet day, yet one I will not soon forget. Smiles all around. Cute hats, tickles, play time..... I'm sure they will remember the chocolate pudding snack packs the most. 


  1. LOVE this layout! Must have taken some time to make that background! Worth it!

  2. Love the quilt look to your background! Adorable photos too!

  3. I like the way you've done the chevrons. Mmmmm...