Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where Are We Going Mom?


Just in case the dance video didn't clue you in..... we're a little nuts around here. Especially with everything going on... lots of stuff on the horizon... lots of changes happening. (Like the new blog look? Thank you, Hubby Jack.) Not much else that I can talk about yet....

So I'll leave you with a crazy, throw everything but the kitchen sink in, layout.

One day Ev asked me where we were going and I replied, "crazy".. without even thinking about it. (My Dad used to say this to us all of the time.) So all day long she demanded to know when it was time to go crazy. Now she asks from time to time, "Mom, is it time to go to crazy now?" To which I silently reply, "we are already there, my dear."--- I imagine she's picturing it to be somewhere very similar to Disneyland.... when maybe it's more like the inside of a therapists office. She'll know in a few years.... haha. (and laughing at your own jokes in type is the first step)

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  1. Nice and crazy. LOL! Love the little hands and the colour stains and flowers.