Monday, September 16, 2013

Project Life-athon

Last weekend I took some time to catch up on project life. I was two months behind. The cool thing about this project is that even if you aren't up to date it doesn't take too much effort to jump in and get back on track... especially if you keep it really simple and streamlined with just photos and journal cards. We all know I like a bit more of an artistic complicated involved version... but it's still pretty easy for me to get it done. 

Get ready for your very own Project Lifeathon....

I'll show you more (I know I've said that before, but I promise I will!) about how I stay organized with this project to help streamline the process... it takes the stress out of the equation when I finally do decide to make the time.... in fact, I actually like doing this one month at a time now.

Stay tuned and stay hydrated... I have another four spreads to share tomorrow (thought I should help you pace yourself).


  1. I just love that format. Is it a special scrapbook that you're using? Not that I'd have time to to one myself but dang, it's adorable!

  2. Great photos and lovely autumnal make.
    Thank you so much for my blog hop prize!!! It just arrived a short while ago, with some extra goodies inside. Wow, the P&P was expensive, so an extra big thank you for that.