Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Puppies First Layout

Can't stop admiring Mr. Snicklefritz McGee... and taking a zillion photos (too many on my phone and not enough on my real camera. Note to self: photo shoot!) I just know that he will be big in a flash and we'll want to reflect back on these days when he was small and clumsy and silly. He's already gotten so much bigger!

I also decided to dedicate a couple of layouts to him already. Why not? He is sort of a family member, after all. Here's one....

So far he is a really great pup. He sleeps through the night without any problems... is relitively quiet during the day (except when we have company)... goes potty outside (mostly. #2, at least. tmi?)... doesn't mind spending time in his crate..... 

the big things we are trying to work on are no #1 accidents inside, and nipping/biting the kids. To be honest the nipping bothers me more. I know he's just being a puppy and is playing but I am worried this could continue for too long and be a problem down the road. Plus, the kids get really bummed out when he does it over and over and they can't seem to stop him. I can't always be there to intervene... I know it will all work out because we are working daily to make these things better and will talk to the vet to make sure we are on the right track. It all takes time and patience. In the mean time, who wouldn't fall in love with this face?!

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