Sunday, July 28, 2013

Great Big Family Vacation

 It was a full house in Gatlinburg....

Get ready for vacation picture overload....

Man we did a lot. We also did a lot of nothing. Sitting around staring at each other in our gigantic cabin balanced with fun activities. I'll admit, vacationing with this many people is not easy. We have a wide age range and interest level, and budgets vary from family to family. But we pulled it off.... and managed to do some pretty cool stuff together. 

These things including: zip lining//tubing//white water rafting//go carts//super soaker bumper boats//the longest carnival rides known to man//spoons//board games//scrapbooking//celebrating national ice cream day all week long//1,001 trips to the grocery store//taking turns yelling at our kids//etc.

I may have even bungie jumped.....

...which was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Strangely no one else wanted to take the plunge.

I also dominated at Yahtzee. Seriously folks.... I had two in one game and one in another... all with the number 3.... two of those yahtzees after only two rolls! I KNOW, crazy, right?! I should play the lotto. Of course I kept the scorecard... cuz I'm weird like that... and I totally plan on project life-ing it... but you can all appreciate that, am I right?

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