Monday, July 29, 2013

One Mask, Two Ways

Have you ever found yourself spraying that ink you love so much (cough, cough, Mr. Huey's Limited Edition Neon) only to find your mask looking like this?.....

I just didn't have the heart (no pun intended.. but, hardy har har.) to let mine go to waist... So after spraying the foundation for this page....

I decided to grab a plain sheet of cardstock to lay on top of the inked mask to see what would happen...

It transferred! Almost perfectly! I had virtually no precious ink waste! (If you're laughing at me right now because you're thinking.. "duh, we all do that!.. you just figured this out?!"-- then keep it to yourself, will ya?) (Ok not really, you can totally rub it in if you thought of it first....) (If your'e thinking..."no way! I should have thought of that sooner, before I wasted all of my liquid gold!--- you're welcome...and better luck next time.) Isn't it funny how simple little product stretching techniques can totally make your day? --or am I just a total nerd? (don't answer that last one.)


  1. What a great discovery...and frugal tip as well! I can't decide which I like best! :)

  2. Genius idea! Who'd have guessed?! Thanks!