Saturday, July 6, 2013

American Crafts Dreams

Every year I try out for the American Crafts design team. Every year I fail to make it... (still hoping this is my year!... but, it's probably not since they said they would let the team know in early July and announce soon after)... I'm guessing I failed to make the cut. again.

But you know what? That's ok. I always say in life you never know unless you try, and sometimes you have to try, try again. AC is quite possibly my all time favorite scrapbook manufacturer. Certainly so, considering that they actually also now own Crate Paper, Studio Calico (the products, not the kits), & Pebbles Inc. If you follow this blog you know that these are my go to's. Anyway.

I've talked over and over about my love for American Crafts. But what I haven't talked about is how I try out for this team each and every year.... So I started this about 4 years ago, I think, maybe 3. (Ok, so not that many years, really.) 

I tried out because shortly after I began submitting my pages they were picked up for publications & it dawned on me.... hey, I love scrapbooking... someone likes my work enough to put it in their magazine.... maybe I should see where I can take this (this is a whole other tangent and it deserves it's own post... suffice it to say that I have NO idea how to go about marketing myself or growing my blog or getting the attention of manufacturers. I am just a silly girl with a big dream in the sea of scrapbook, clinging to a life vest.)

Now here is the reason I am writing about this... I'm going to level with you.... people will tell you not to go for the big design teams. They will tell you to start small and work with what you get. I say, why not try for both? Maybe you don't think your work is good enough or you don't have enough followers or a strong blog or that you won't make it, so why bother.... well I say that's bull. If it means something to you then go for it (but by all means don't chase AC cuz I don't really need more competition.) (haha, but. seriously.)

Last May I had the honor of being the guest designer for American Crafts. I was over the moon. They sent me this big box full of Amy Tangerine goodies and I almost died, right there on the spot. (& then someone would have had to pry them from my cold dead hands. too dark?) I vowed then that even knowing this is the Moby Dick of the industry I will go fishing each year. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll catch a whopper. 

Heres this years projects.....

I have no idea if it is even couth to post these.... like I said, I am clinging to a dingy.... I know nothing... but I do know you can't get it if you don't try. Do I think I am even really capable of ever making this team? Probably not. But that's ok, because I have lots of fishing gear (I mean, metaphorically, at least.)


  1. It definitely doesn't hurt to try! I enter art shows all the time that I don't think I have a snowballs chance of getting into (depending on the entry fee). I was shocked when I got into a show in St. Louis a few years ago and surprised again when I got into a show in Maryland this year. You just never know!

  2. Congrats on making the team. Truly, these projects are all beautiful. You do amazing work.