Friday, July 12, 2013

Best Week Ever

Ok, so maybe best week ever is an overstatement. But I have to tell you, it was pretty great. Hottie gave me the most thoughtful bday gift..... a week long summer camp session for Nakiah and Evareaux. Aidan is at his Mom's in California for a bit so M-F from 830-3 it was just me, the babe, and the pup. Heaven.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my kids and all.... but it was nice to have a break! And get to do whatever I wanted to do! (sort of.) which it turns out is scrapbooking....(shocking?)..... I was a machine, pumping out page after page. ahhhh. so awesome.

Here's one I made. I've had these photos printed out forever (2 years!) and could never dream up a layout to do them justice. Today I just said, screw it! I've got an hour, I'm putting something down!

Soooooo awesome to spend uninterrupted time doing things like this. When he told me about my gift he said, "I just wanted to give you something that you always dream of having, that I wish I could give you more... time." I teared up. Here he was thinking I wouldn't even consider it a gift since it's something for them to do, not me. There I am thinking he could not have given me a more fitting gift. (I'm totally scheming to try to think of another way to sign them up for more camps.) 

Not sure I really used the week that wisely. But I scrapped a lot. Cleaned very little. Visited Peddlers Mall. Had breakfast in bed. Slept until 9 am one day (totally sleeping in). Showered... so basically all the things I normally only dream of doing. Now, whens vacation?

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