Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Plans

So I made this layout about the things I wanted to do with the fam this summer....

There's some pretty basic stuff. I guess I didn't want a pressure of a big summer bucket list this year so that in August I wouldn't feel like a big loser for not checking things off. Then I thought, why not just make a list (something I may not have shared.. I am a list fanatic... I typically have 3 going at a time.... and also, it's probably making me lose my mind). 

So here is my list of summer activities (that we probably will never get to because between roller derby, a new Mom's group I joined, Ev's summer camp, vacation, and a new puppy (did I tell you we're getting a puppy?) it is going to be busy already.)

Road Trip
Splash Pad
Mammoth Caves
Homemade Play Dough
Make Popsicles
Backyard Camping
Lemonade Stand
Cardboard Box Projects
Collect & Paint Rocks
Family Movie Nights
Taco Tuesdays
Car Wash
Train Dog
Sonic Happy Hour
Blow Bubbles
Kids Museum
Mini Golf
Catch Fire Flies
PJ Day
Amusement Park Fun
Fly a Kite
Dollar Theater
Summer Camp
Make Jello Cake for 4th of July
Cloud Watching
Obstacle Course
Cover the Driveway in Sidewalk Chalk
Ice Cream Party
Homemade Pizzas
Make Puppets
Puppet Show
Windy Street Cafe
Root Beer Floats
Harry Potter Book Club
Eat Mud Pudding w/Worms
Handprint Canvases
Decorate Dishes
Water Sponge Fight

Someone had the idea to write down all of these things on slips of paper, letting the kids draw one out every time they claim they are bored, and then doing that thing.......cute, but that doesn't really work for us....... I figure I will do these things as I see fit. If my kids tell me they are bored I will refer them to this list posted on the fridge (shocking, another list.)

No matter how often I clean these things always need to get done again. You know whats amazing? I haven't heard the word "bored" yet!(insert evil Mom laugh here.) What are you doing this summer?

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  1. Great list! I've been looking for a compilation of various ideas and I will add some of yours to mine! Oh, and high five fellow list maker! Lol!