Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pretty Much Killing It: Summer Edition

We are in full on summer mode around here. Sleeping in (until 6am for me and Dez, 9 for Ev). Visits to the pool (how I am pulling that off solo with the kids is beyond me, but I am! Woot!). Picnics. Playing outside. Book club-ing (Kiah & I are reading the Harry Potter series together). Watching lots of movies. Eating numerous popsicles a day (the kids, not me... I am sugar free until my birthday. 7 more days!) 

Summer in KY is different for us. There are no beaches to visit all day long or oceans to practically live in to stay cool. But we are finding lots of other ways to keep busy... and most of them are free (which is awesome).

Here's a couple of layouts with photos from last summer...

I have to admit, this season is going better then I anticipated. We've done a great job of taking it easy. Balancing play with house work, and tv time with outside or non tv activities. Maybe it's because it's my second summer as a stay at home mom, or maybe it's the fact that I am not huge and pregnant. I'm up for going new places and trying out new things and breaking up the day with simple little activities... so that it goes by without one big yellfest or me shouting, "go outside & DO something," over and over.... (admittedly this has happened.. just not as often as I thought it would. ha.)

..... all bets are off on Sunday when we bring home our puppy though. I'm nervous about what this new edition will mean for our family. (and also, even though I have read 3 puppy training books, I'm still convinced that we have NO idea what we are doing.) and we probably won't be going anywhere or be doing much of anything besides spending time with him.... but hey, there will always be stuff to "do" ("WALK THE DOG!")("CLEAN UP THE POOP!!") can't wait.

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  1. Until recently I'd gotten up at that time (or earlier, ugh) for over 10 years for work. I hope that you handle it better than I do!

    I can't wait to see more pics of the new puppy. I bet the kids are beyond excited!