Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To The Stars and Back

Just popping in quickly today to share a recent layout with ya'll. This page is a bit of a departure for me, since I love working with color. When I stumbled upon a slew of b&w&grey products I was inspired to create a monochromatic layout.

*********Images removed for publication**********

It's kind of fun to do things outside of your box from time to time. I find it's especially helpful if in a slump as a way to get those juices flowing again. Then again, in order to be in a slump I'd actually have to be given time to create things... maybe I will make more time soon.

My inlaws are in town so the next couple of days will be filled with sight seeing and Mammoth caving, (and tying not to bust my ass while they watch me at practice) and all sorts of fun things. So I'll have a lot to report back about. I love when we have visitors, it's the perfect motivation to go out and do something!

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