Saturday, June 8, 2013

Puppy Love

We are getting a puppy. Did I mention this? (and also, I must be crazy. but... maybe you already noticed that.)

He is a boy. He is a weimaraner. We bring him home on or around June 22nd. We are planning, and prepping, and reading every puppy training manual we can get our hands on (and by we, I mean me, here.)

I'm really excited. We have waited years to have a pet and have always pined away for a dog. Maybe it's not the most convenient time... having four kids, one of which is an 8 months old... starting a roller derby carrer (that takes up a shocking amount of my time)... but for some reason it feels right and we are going for it. Can't wait for him to become part of the family, I'm in love with him already!

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