Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I realized that I never shared this page on the blog like I had intended. What do you think? Aren't the photos adorable? I just can't help but swoon when I see a Daddy carrying his kid on his shoulders. So sweet. 

We are coming out of Puppymonium (pandemonium?). The first two nights were rough (ruff!). Lots of whining and crying and our little dude is a loud hoss! (Quiet, Fritz!) But last night he turned a corner and only 2 times he whined very lightly to let us know he needed to go out. Then he did his business and lazily hopped back into his crate for more sleep. (Good dog, Fritz!) He has been willingly taking naps in his crate, eating and drinking fine, pottying outside, and generally being the cutest and most perfect dog on the planet. He even did amazing at the vet today (cha-ching.). So there's you're update.

In other news.... It's my BIRTHDAY tomorrow!
I'm so excited. (Yes, I am mentally 5 when it comes to birthdays.) Just not sure what a girl with small kids and a brand spanking new puppy can get away with doing for her birthday. (girls just wanna have fu-un!)

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  1. Happy Birthday! I need to start caring about my birthday again. I used to but since all of my friends had kids the adult birthdays are long forgotten and getting people together is nearly impossible! Not that I couldn't do anything with just the three of us but it doesn't seem worth the effort, lol.