Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scrapbooking Boys & Men

My manly layout made it into the latest Creating Keepsakes special issue. How cool is that?! Prettttttty cool, if I do say so myself. Go buy a copy if you have any dudes in your life that might like to turn up in one of your albums one day. They don't like being left out, even if they claim they don't care. Phst. Men.

My boys think they are pretty hot stuff. Now every member of my immediate family (plus my uber adorable niece and her deadly dimples) except for me and Dez have made it into magazines. Hmmm. Maybe it's time to create more layouts with us! haha. Maybe we'll get a cover! (Dream big, I always say.)

Speaking of dreaming. If you are sitting here reading this silly little blog post and thinking... "gee, it sure would be cool to have a layout published in a magazine".... I have to tell you something. SUBMIT! Seriously. You can't get published if you don't try. I firmly believe that my stuff gets published because I am constantly submitting. Like. Constantly. (Which is actually why I'm up at midnight right now with this on my mind. Two minutes ago I submitted stuff to make a deadline.) You would probably be surprised if I told you the amount of layouts I submit each month. 

Yes, 98% of the time I send in a bunch of stuff to answer submission calls and don't hear a word (I assume they hated my work. hate me. my career is over before it even began. just kidding-- mostly) But every once in a blue moon something hits. They like the products I used, the photos, the technique, the innovation, the sentiment, the colors... who knows what actually makes these mags choose a particular project? No one. But you can't get picked if you don't send in your stuff. So get on it! You might surprise yourself.....

and maybe soon I'll do a post on specific tips to get published...(since at this point I am a total know it all)(but really I know nothing... I'll just tell you what works for me)

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