Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summa Summa Summatime

Spring break gave me a little sneak peak into what summer will be like for our family. (Miserable. haha. Just sayin'.) I had a list of fun (free) activities planned. Things like making spaceships out of card board boxes and chalk drawing to cover our entire long driveway. We didn't do much of it since the kids both felt yucky all week.

But near the end of the week we did manage to have a little picnic and we stayed out there for hours soaking up the sun and listening to tunes. I love spring. It's the best....

Summer on the other hand, not so much. (Now that I don't live near a beach) It's going to be hotter than blue blazes (not sure what that really means but I say it anyway). The kids are going to be at each others throats 75% of the time (which is going to cause me to be at their throats 100% of the time). They are not going to want to play outside much during the day (because of the blazes thing). They are going to want to swim (which I can't do with them while Hottie works because I can't manage the littles myself in water). They are going to want to play too many video games and watch too much tv. They are basically going to drive me nuts. Just keeping it real, people.

Don't get me wrong I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world, and I'm very grateful for them and blah blah blah.... but when I am home alone with them all day I am outnumbered. and they are at 4 very different stages in life with the age differences and all... so they are a challenge to plan activities for. But I'll try. Around the heat, and the boringness, and the endless desire for slurpees in the summer. My kids have two days of school left and then. Summer.

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