Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flooding The Big Four-Oh

Lordy Lordy, look who's forty.....

Hottie is not a guy that is big on celebrating his birthdays (for the rest of us he really doesn't mind going all out, thank goodness... that's what I need (want).). He never has been. So when his big day was on the horizon I began to wonder how to make it special without throwing a big party (which he would have loathed) or covering the house with all black and "over the hill" stuff (which he may have just plain killed me for).

I decided to ask all of his family members from around the US (we are spread out from coast to coast) on board for a card shower.  Everyday for the two weeks leading up to his Fortieth (I have no idea how to spell Forty-eth. Fourtieth? oh well.)  he would receive greeting cards from family. Each one sending four cards. 40 cards total.

The mail looked like this....

I must say it was a pretty awesome way to celebrate him without "celebrating." At first he was taken aback thinking his Dad mistakingly sent him two... wondering why his sis would send a card a whole week ahead of time but appreciating that she remembered (since he never sends her one)... then they started flooding in and he was like.... "HUH?!" He even asked me, "is it like, a thing now to send someone multiple cards for their birthday?... like a trend?" haha.

Eventually they began to pile up and each day he would count how many he was getting from each person.... "I got one from my Mom today, and one from her dog Fred... so that's three total from them...." etc. It was pretty cool to watch him light up every time he saw the stack of mail.  Today after lunch I swear he practically ran to the mailbox to see if he'd have some more waiting....

If you have someone that you want to feel truly special on their birthday I would highly recommend a card shower. Nothing beats it...all those cards flooding in from loved ones... it's just plain cool. I hope it made his 40th (so that's how you spell it!) one to remember.... that and having so many candles that we almost set the cake itself on fire.....(sorry babe, I had to)

I'll leave you with one final image. It just so happens to be my most favorite all time photo of the birthday boy....
... and now you see why I just refer to him as "Hottie."

Happy Birthday babe. I know you don't need bloggy professions of my undying love (and you probably don't need me telling the internets over and over and over that you are 40) but I really do love you.... you are the most wonderful man I have ever met.... and I hope you felt just the perfect amount of  birthday acknowledgement. (and you said no gifts so all you get is a mountain of cards and this crappy blog post... bet you can't wait til 50.)

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  1. Sounds and looks like he enjoyed every bit of it. What a awesome idea to celebrate for someone who doesn't want any fanfare! Everyone should feel special on there birthday. Way to go wifey!