Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cavalry Arrives

They may look like mere mortals....

But I will tell you that these two really are SuperGrandparents. They got here yesterday from Colorado and I couldn't be happier about that.... and what timing. I went to the doc yesterday and had high blood pressure out of nowhere. She did a non stress test and an ultra-sound to make sure the babe looked good. He does. She drew blood to test for preeclampsia. A- okay. But it was unnerving. I was there for three hours..... and the only thing that kept me calm was knowing that these two were only hours away, so my backup for the other kids was taken care of.

Today they jumped right in and picked up groceries and took Ev to and from school. They are THE BEST. Seriously, everyone should be so lucky as to have wonderful in-laws like these that just "get it." I honestly have no idea what I would do without them.

The urgency continues.... I am having the same symptoms on top of a really brutal cold and it is making me totally out of it. This afternoon I will go to the hospital to get my blood pressure checked again. If it's high they will do the tests again and possibly induce. They doctor says she really doesn't think I'll make it through the weekend.

We shall see. I am just anxious to have the little Mister safely in my arms... and snapping out of a terrible cold and this weird feeling that something is just off in this pregnancy all the sudden. All I really know is that I can focus on the delivery because I have family here that is more than capable of holding down the fort while we take care of baby. ...... such a great feeling.

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  1. I'be been lurking the past few months and have enjoyed reading about your pregnancy, the move, and your new adventures. Praying for you and the baby that all goes well and he is born healthy.