Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello, New Love

Well, Nikki the Nikon bit the dust. (Yes, I name my most favorite electronics. Don't you?) We took it to Best Buy a few weeks ago because it was under the black tie protection plan (my Hottie is so smart). The chip in the lens was starting to effect the photos. 

They originally called to tell us it would be longer than expected (totally not cool, dude). Well..... turns out they didn't have the "same parts," because they don't sell the D5000 anymore. So..... instead they replaced it with this baby....

I hate the fact that my beloved Nikki was replaced. She was a Valentine's gift almost 3 years ago, and so very special to me.... but who am I kidding? A brand new upgraded version that I got to pick out just in time for my infant to arrive? That didn't cost me a single penny? I am thrilled. I just have to name him.... (I don't know why this one's a him, it just seems like it.)

Turns out he shoots perfectly. Here's my first test on a layout.....

Seeing photos of Nakiah as a babe makes me so excited to shoot tiny fingers and toes and everything in between. T minus 16 days, people!!

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