Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Good Host

I've always considered myself a good host. Whenever we have guests I try to make sure the house is clean, that we have food and drink the guests prefer, I put out the cute dishes, light a candle so the place smells yummy, put on some good tunes..... I like to make my guests feel at home...... evidently that hospitality extends to my uterus.

This baby will be evicted via induction as planned on Thursday.... unless, that is, I have him on my own before then (the doctor keeps saying that--yeah, yeah, not gonna happen.) My other two babies had to get the pitocin boot too. I guess I just make them a happy little home in there that they don't want to leave.

While I would love to already have the bundle of joy safely in my arms (and have tried every home "induction" remedy short of castor oil.) I can't help but be content with the way things are playing out.

With Hottie's parents in town I am getting more rest than ever.... I even slept until 10am today! (unheard of). I kinda feel like a bum. But. I am determined to get rid of this cold once and for all before Thursday.

And by the time the weekend ends I will be bringing home baby in his cute little outfit....
...and then I'll be posting photo after photo and probably more news than you really care to hear about the little nugget and his arrival. Can't wait!!!! In the mean time I will sleep as much as possible and maybe even scrapbook a little.

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