Friday, September 7, 2012

Bump Update

Some news in the bump department. Between the night nausea and impending delivery I am feeling a lot like this lately...

Our little nugget is confirmed to be delivered at least 1 week early, if not more. I am dilated to 3 cm and 50% effaced as of yesterday (yikes!). The doc has gone ahead and scheduled an induction for the 27th of September (3 weeks, people!). So that will be the day, unless I go into labor before then.

I have all kinds of worries and concerns and anxieties... which of course is natural during this stage. But I feel pretty justified about them. My main one is being in the hospital alone because we really don't have anyone to be with the kids if I go into labor before Hotties Mom comes to town. So. That's that. Excited for the little Mister to arrive, but not so excited at the prospect of doing it solo while Hottie stays home with our other kiddos...

The other nagging concern is having this baby too fast. My last two deliveries were both induced and only lasted 8 hours and 6 hours respectively from the time they started the pitocin to the time I heard the first cry. There is a VERY good chance I will delivery this babe in 4 hours or less. YIKES. Ok, ok. Calm down (excuse me while I try to calm myself down.) It just means we don't have a lot of time to mess around getting the kids from school and such. I hope and pray that when I go into labor I will know it's time and be able to hit the ground running... or huffing and puffing safely to the hospital...

All this being said, I have to be confident that everything will work out. (for my own sanity) Tonight I will talk to Hottie and we'll run through all of the possible times I could go into labor and what to do.... we will talk with the boys and try to prepare them for the "if's" on the horizon so they are not shocked if it plays out before Grandma arrives. That should make me feel a little more at ease. The ironic part, as with all pregnancies I would imagine, is that I simultaneously want this to be over with and hope that I end up needing the induction after all. Bringing a baby into the world is just so strange, isn't it?

OH- in other news.... I am 90% done with this kids room. I have 75% of all of the important "stuff" he needs. (just need a carseat, really.) So, at least the things I can control are almost completely handled. (go me!) So there's that.

Oh! And! We sent my fancy schmancy camera off to be serviced 3 weeks ago because there was a wicked chip in the lens.... it was supposed to take 2 weeks to repair.... yeah. It's gonna be another 2 weeks. (I think you knew where that story was headed.) grrrrrr. no camera for the newborn? &&&&&&&& I'm back to panicking.

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