Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Schooled

Thursday was Evareaux's first day of preschool. Needless to say, she was SO ready... and a little excited to take the plunge....

Ok. Maybe more than a little excited. She shot out of bed and started blabbering on and on about "friends" and "paint" and "playing." The second day was even cuter because she actually knew what there was to be so darn excited about.... that morning was all about, "my fish, my friends, my painting, my play outside." She's hooked. She's even really excited to wash her hands at school. Total highlight.

She even let's me do her hair for school (this never happens)(Even though she asks to take it out the second we get home, I'll take it.) She brought rain boots which will stay in the building so that they can play in the puddles (mud) on rainy days. (So fun for the kids!)

I found it surprisingly difficult to leave her there the first day. Yes, it is only three times a week, for three hours. That didn't seem to make it easier. No, I never thought I'd be one of those Mom's who is sad when their kiddos go to school.... but I was. a little. She has never been in any kind of childcare.... and honestly if I didn't think she was craving the social interactions (non-stop talking about making friends) and needing to get out a lot of excess energy, and be in a learning environment where they can stimulate her in ways that I would never think of... she'd still be here with me everyday.

But, alas. It was time. And she loves it. She didn't even look up when I said goodbye. (Heartless.) :)

The cool thing about the place I chose to put her in is that it is a "co-op." This means that a handful of times every few months I will go and be a working parent at the facility. I did this on Friday and will again on Tuesday (no, it's not because I am overly attached to her... it's to get my days over with in case this baby comes early.) On Friday I was able to witness what an incredible match this school is for her. She flitted and floated from room to room trying different activities.... playing on her own, and with friends.... failed to pay attention during circle time (oops.)... said hello to the fish several times.... used the potty (she is very excited they have small-ish potties)... and dominated on the playground.

Turns out preschool is a lesson for both of us. Her- how to embrace a new environment and some much needed independence. Me- how to let go and begin to mentally prepare for juggling another schedule with the arrival of a newborn. Should be a fun year!

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