Sunday, September 16, 2012

Note to Self

Always make time to enjoy and appreciate fleeting moments like these....

Rare cuddles and your favorite girl fast asleep, even though there is a huge road block (bump) in the way... and someone kicking her over and over in the head (baby bro).

You can never get this one single moment in time back again. So soak it in. Stroke her hair. Stare at her beautiful lashes. Admire the last trace of baby in her while you study her dimpled hands.

It hit me hard today. I want her to stay like this forever. Of course I want her to continue to grow, and thrive, and be healthy. I just want her to stay who she is. It makes me nervous to think of a baby in the mix and how it might change her. Evareaux is such a treasure in our lives. I just want her to know that she is loved, and cherished, and admired... no matter how many bumps are in the future. She will always be my baby. 

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