Friday, August 19, 2011

So So So Excited

Today is a big day for me and I am super excited! I get to take my first scrapbook class (other than online). And who better to instruct me than one Amy Tan? The class happens tonight in Irvine,CA and will use some of her newest American Crafts line. (The one you have all heard me rave about like a lunatic.) I'm planning on buying whatever we don't get in our class kit & maybe some more of what we do as well, because I want it all x10!

Here is a photo she posted on her blog (yes, I blog stalk her, don't judge) of the kit for tonight:
It's ok to be jealous if you're not lucky enough to be in this sold out class. :)

I am so so so so excited to meet her in person (make a fool of myself) and have some time to do something I really love. Oh, and did I mention I am fully prepared to shop as well? Scrapbook Oasis here I come! (Aptly named in my opinion!)

Oh. And I went RED now I am feeling EXTRA sassy!


  1. OOH! I am so jealous! I LOVE all her new products! Your hair color looks fab too! Have fun!

  2. How was the class? I shouldn't even ask, I KNOW it was amazing :) That Amy is so talented! Looks like such a fun kit to work from!

  3. It was so awesome. I just wrote a follow up blog about the class. Such a sweet person.