Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marathon Mom

I have a confession to make. A couple of days ago when I said I had Disneyland on my mind it may be for one very specific reason. One that I failed to mention. This Sunday I will run the Disney half marathon. (Yikes!) I've been training for about three months now and yet I feel shocked that the time has come.

All summer I've been running while picturing myself in the park and wondering how it might feel. For some reason I'm super nervous about this Sunday, although I shouldn't be. In March I completed the LA marathon. FULL marathon. That's 26.2 miles people! So there is no good reason to be concerned, really. But that's not stopping me from doubting myself and my capabilities.

I guess the thing that's scaring me is that they close the field after a certain time. Vehicles are sent out to pick up the stragglers and transport them to the finish. I am slow, really slow. In my mind the worst feeling in the world would be getting picked up in that truck. I would fail to cross the finish line. Fail to earn a medal. Fail to make myself and others proud. Fail, fail, fail. (Wouldn't that be terrible?)

So I am blogging about it in an attempt to rid my mind of all of this negative chatter. I plan to hit the publish button and with it banish any doubt of failure. I vow to visualize the finish line and make it happen. Trust in my training and determination. Focus on the excitement of the event and embrace all that comes with a half marathon.

And on that positive note here is a layout I created to tell the story of my crazy day in LA...

I hope that I will have another successful marathon story to document after this weekend. I mean, if I can pull off 26.2 miles then 13.1 should be a walk in the park, right? Hahaha. Walk in the park. Look at that I am feeling better about it already.

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