Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wait For It

There are two things I look forward to most when having a baby, and this might seem silly to some. The first is when they are finally old enough to sit down and enjoy Disney movies. Finally Evareaux is at this stage. It is so wonderful to be able to show her different ones and watch her eyes light up at hearing the songs and seeing the fun characters for the first time.

The other thing I wait, and wait, and wait for is hearing those three magical words. Of course when your baby starts talking it's lovely and nice to hear them say "Mama," or "Daddy,"....or their siblings names. And this was especially nice with Ev because for some odd reason she chose to start calling me "Pretties" very early on instead of Mom or some variation of it. But then that moment happens, around 2 years old, when they catch on to the whole "love" thing.

It finally clicked with her today. As I was changing her diaper I said, "I love you," in a sing-songy voice. (Hey, we've got Disney going on in the background here) Then she stood up threw her arms around me and said....

 "I wuuuuuuub eeeeeeeeeewe."

Be still my heart.

THAT was worth the wait.

(Then I did the only natural thing I could think of and ran immediately in to tell my husband that she told me she loved me and laughed when she wouldn't say it to him.....hahaha, and we thought HE was her favorite!)

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